Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Father goes to court

Reaction to my Father Goes to Court by Carlos Bulosan
The setting of the story is very Filipino, people in the barrio, helping each other. The story depicts the typical Filipino family. It has the characteristics of being simple, poor, hardworking, happy and has strong family ties. The author described the plot accurately but the scenes of the story do not happen in everyday life. The family in the story was described by being happy go lucky because despite the hardships they encounter in their everyday life, they can still laugh and enjoy their lives and can still survive the burdens caused by poverty.
The story tells the stereotype conflict of two groups. In this story, the rich family and the poor family having conflict with each other. The rich man in the story was very selfish and does not want to socialize with the poor people in the community so he ended up being sick because he only cares about was his wealth and money. Same thing happened to his children, they grew up thin, weak, and sad because they did not experienced and enjoyed the life of a typical kid like playing outside, and hanging out with other kids while the poor family, despite the hardships and problems the kids still enjoy playing outside so they grew up strong and healthy. The poor family enjoyed their life to the fullest. There is an old saying that happy people will live their life longer. For me this story has a deeper meaning, the story he made was very happy and was like a fairy tale that everyone is happy and laughing. I think this story implies the gap between the upper and lower classes in the society. I think Carlos Bulosan wants to reveal the reality about this issue because he experienced social discrimination when he was in the U.S.


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Blogger girl said...


im looking for the summary of "my father goes to court" and i cannot find it because all i can see is the reaction or comment of the readers. i wasnt able to read the story yet but i want to know the summary because my teacher ask us to find the summary of " My ather Goesto Court" by Carlos Bulosan

11:54 PM  
Blogger lourie said...


im just wondering where can we look for the summary of my father goes to court..
but i cant find one..

hope to find that story since it was being prescribed by our teacher...

11:51 PM  
Blogger lourie said...

until now,i cant find any story bout that....

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